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PT SLAB ON GRADE – a proven effective solution to INDUSTRIAL FLOORS


PT SLAB ON GRADE – a proven effective solution to INDUSTRIAL FLOORS

Sustainable Green design & construction

Combine Tekla Outsourcing Detailer & Revit outsourcing detailer


Post tensioned slab on ground proved effective uses in various  industrial floors subject to

Poor grade support, expansive soil

Large area industrial slabs, plant floors

Joint-free, pond-free epoxy hygienic food processing platforms

Warehouses, loading bays, cold store, large temperated courtyard

Medium to heavy loading or moving loading/unloading bays

Crack, deflection controlled slab

Fast-track , cost saved construction

Durability industrial slabs, least defect liability & maintenant cost

Retrofitting distressed, cracked, deflected slab

CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIAL PT SLAB - Revit & Tekla outsourcing detailer


Benefits PT SLAB ON GRADE – the 7even keys – Use Tekla Outsourcing Detailer & Revit outsourcing detailer


DESIGN INDUSTRIAL PT SLAB ON GROUND with Revit & Tekla outsourcing detailer


REFERENCE - Tekla & Revit outsourcing detailer

Why BIM ? – Poor software interoperability has long been regarded as an obstacle to industry efficiency in general and to BIM adoption in particular. In August 2004 the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a report[20] which conservatively estimated that $15.8 billion was lost annually by the U.S. capital facilities industry due to inadequate interoperability arising from “the highly fragmented nature of the industry, the industry’s continued paper based business practices, a lack of standardization, and inconsistent technology adoption among stakeholders”. (from link: – Projsect with Tekla outsourcing detailer & Revit outsourcing detailer

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