Hands-on Client Servicing:

Our Engineer(s) once assigned under a particular client work only for them and they better understand the specific requirements of the client and work accordingly.

Dedicated Customer Service:

We give prompt response to any of your query. If you have any questions in starting a new project, kindly complete the contact form on our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can reach us on our office contact numbers.

Service quality: 

We offer solutions that best suit your need, budget and schedule. No matter what the requirements are, we offer the best quality service, at affordable rates.

Compliance with Universal Standards : 

ASCE adapts to the standards followed by its client- whether you are from a specific region and require a specific kind of service. Irrespective of your location, we can adapt to your standards, working procedures and language. You will be dealing with the best resources in the industry, who understands you needs better.

Serving Clients worldwide: 

We conform to the requirements and standards expected by the client,and our Engineer’s even exceed the expectations with their work of the highest quality. At ASCE, we understand the exact requirements of our clients and we serve clients from across the globe. This commitment reflects on the quality of our projects.

Primary services:

We offer Architectural, Civil/Structural, Mechanical , MEP/HVAC Services .We assist architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing and structural engineers and organizations with a wide range of solutions such as CADD drafting, Architectural drafting & detailing, Civil drafting & design, Mechanical design & drafting, Product design and development, Electrical drafting, Fabrication drawing, Shop drawings, HVAC designing & drafting, MEP drafting an Coordination, Steel detailing, Rebar detailing, BIM, 3D modeling, rendering, animation and Architectural illustration.

Additional Benefits

Strong workforce of CAD Engineers, Draftsmen and Detailers having rich experience.
Standards are maintained in quality of work, at all levels.
Projects progress as planned,and they are handed over within the timeframe.
Greater ability to control delivery dates.
Flexible working arrangements to suit the project requirement.
Greater flexibility to meet any change in working conditions.
Security and confidentiality of client details and project details.
Less dependency upon internal resources.
Cost benefits to clients, as we offer the best services at affordable rates.
Purchase of industry’s best practice.




Quality Bim         


Quality Bim




This model is based on the allocation of dedicated resource(s). He/she will be assigned exclusively for the particular client. Delivery of forty (40) productive hours of work per week is ensured from the aforesaid resource. In case of the resource‘s unexpected absence we ensure to assign a substitute resource of equivalent qualification and caliber for the unobstructed delivery of the project. The pricing will be based on a pre-fixed amount per month per resource based on the skill set required for the project(s).


Hourly pricing is based on a mutually concurred rate based on the complexity and intricacy of the project. Billing is done based on the hours consumed by ASCE for completing the task. Detailed weekly report of hourly utilization of the assigned resource will be sent to the client. Invoicing for the hours utilized in a month will be done on a fixed date in the consecutive month.


Lump sum price for the entire project is quoted based on the available files and other inputs from the client. The complexity of the project, skill set involved and expected numbers of revisions are also contributing factors to the pricing. Invoicing will be done on a monthly basis in tally with the corresponding project milestones.


ASCE engages a team of CAD engineers led by a project coordinator and his/her designated team for a client on demand. The highlight of this model is that the client can assign tasks directly to the team and they work as a part or extension of the client organization. Pricing will be based on a pre-approved fixed amount per team per month.


This model may be made use by clients who may not have a continuous project but may need to reserve an exclusive resource with adequate domain knowledge for a rush project delivery situation. This option is offered with a comparatively reduced fixed monthly charge and an additional hourly pricing depending on the requirement.


A client can also opt for an optimized combination of the above models based on the project or skill set requirement after a detailed discussion with our management. For eg, a man month model can be combined for a project or task with hourly rating for additional work.