Projects | Interior

  • <strong>Rosana iOffice Tower</strong>

    Rosana iOffice Tower

    Site area 650 sqm |  CFA: 8,000 sqm | Cost-optimum 2 | Basement 1,300 sqm 10 m  deep with steel sheeting retained ...

  • <strong>Phong Vu Tower</strong>

    Phong Vu Tower

    ASCE has collaborately-designed with BS team to defensively consolidate the most efficient robust barrette piled raft in subs for the original bored piles.

  • <strong>Hotel TU Tp.HCM</strong>

    Hotel TU Tp.HCM

    Engineering design of prestressed floor, no cable tension after adhesion

  • <strong>Van Phuc - NAKYCO</strong>

    Van Phuc - NAKYCO

    Site over 3 ha GFA 80,000 sqm net floor area Apartment 312 Town house 100 Commercial 4,920 sqm Public 4,600 sqm School 7,000 sqm...



    Location: Quy Nhon Completed 2012 Project with Tekla Outsourcing Detailer

  • <strong>Stix Restaurant</strong>

    Stix Restaurant

    Project Architects Engineers

  • <strong>Binh Dong Xanh Apartment</strong>

    Binh Dong Xanh Apartment

    Project design and building Binh Dong Xanh Apartment

  • <strong>Shangri-la Eco-tourist Surfing Resort</strong>

    Shangri-la Eco-tourist Surfing Resort

    Building location: Ecological restoration zones-56b-State Area National Park, Con Dao, Ba Ria Vung Tau, in Vietnam

  • <strong>BINH THAI E-CONDOMINIUM</strong>


    Site area: 5000 spm GFA: 72,000 spm 1 Basement 4000spm Medium - cost residential condos | RC spun pile | PT flat plate ...

  • <strong>Elys Garden</strong>

    Elys Garden

    Project site: 20,434 sqm - Podium footprint: 8,113.18 sqm - Tower footprint: 6,103.12 sqm ...

  • <strong>Savico Khahomex Tower</strong>

    Savico Khahomex Tower

    180 Apartments Plus 6 Penthouses Population 800 Parking Project with Tekla Outsourching Detailer